Carbon & DPF cleaning

why use carbon clean?

Overtime carbon deposits build up in your vehicles engine when petrol or diesel is combusted. When the fuel burns it leaves impurities behind in the form of carbon deposits that then get baked by the heat from your vehicles engine. As the deposits build up overtime the efficiency of your engine decreases and it may start to splutter, misfire and have to work harder to keep the revs up.


This build up causes extra friction between the engine parts and blocks the passage of fuel and air to the cylinders. If left unchecked the carbon build up can have a terminal effect on the engine which can lead to expensive replacement parts, emission test failures and could even write off your vehicle.


By Flushing out the carbon with CARBON-CLEAN you are essentially rediscovering your engine as you regain the performance and efficiency your engine used to have when it was new!


CARBON-CLEAN uses cutting edge HHO technology. The unit splits water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen which are passed into the engine and burnt as the fuel is combusted and the engine runs.


The hydrogen reacts with the carbon deposits stripping them from the engine. This revolutionary technology is more efficient, effective, ecological and much kinder to the engine than the traditional chemical methods.


We recommend doing a CARBON-CLEAN as part of your annual service or every 10-12 thousand miles.

what is a dpf?

A DPF is a diesel particulate filter and it is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. If you own a diesel vehicle you probably have a DPF as they have been fitted to diesel fuel vehicles for nearly two decades in order to reduce emissions.

what causes a dpf to become blocked?

A DPF can become blocked if your vehicle does lots of short journeys at low speeds. Another cause is poor servicing,incorrect oil being used and frequently letting your vehicle run low on fuel.


If a fault develops with your DPF or the DPF becomes clogged with soot, you may get an orange light appear on your dashboard (please refer to your vehicle handbook for more information on warning lights).


A DPF needs to be able to burn the soot off to regenerate, if your warning light comes on we recommend you go for a long drive to see if this extinguishes the light. If it doesn’t then your DPF will need to be cleaned.


Here at Whiteley Autos we have invested in a DPF cleaning machine so we can unblock your DPF on site.


CARBON-CLEAN £89.95 + VAT (Reduced to £50.00 + VAT if we carry out a MOT as well)

DPF Clean Price on application.

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