We see many companies advertising deals to ‘top up your air con’ but have experienced many customers coming to see us after their vehicle has had this and it doesn’t work 2 weeks down the line.

Here at Whiteley Autos we have invested in the latest A.C diagnostic equipment enabling us to pressourise the system and check for any leaks before re-gasing the air conditioning.

Once we are happy there are no leaks we can re-gas the system with our fully automated machine ensuring the correct amount of gas and oil is put into your vehicle. At the same time we will introduce a leak detection dye into the system so if there are any problems with leaks in the future we can find them with our UV detection equipment. Once re-gased we will check your AC system with a digital thermometer to make sure it is cold enough.

Alternatively if you are confident there are no leaks and your AC is just not cold enough we can carry out a re-gas only.


Air Conditioning leak detection – £59.95 + VAT

Air Conditioning service recharge – £99.95 + VAT

Air Conditioning with 1234YF gas – £299.95 + VAT 

Air Conditioning anti-bacterial treatment – £59.95 + VAT

Air Conditioning anti-bacterial treatment with the AC service – £129.95 + VAT