Vehicle Diagnostics


Modern vehicles are so advanced compared to just a few years ago. You need a lot of equipment just to service them, let alone carry out any diagnostic work.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in choosing the correct equipment to work on vehicles that we maintain. Whether it’s service, engine or ABS lights on we are equipped to interrogate the specific ECU, collect the live data, diagnose the fault and clear the light.

We use our equipment with you in mind and are experienced and conscientious when working on your vehicle, by this we mean that we use our equipment as a guide and use the information that it gives to look at the area at fault. Because many times a mechanical component failure can cause an electronic fault.

Below are examples of some of the equipment we have. We cannot list all of the cars or systems that our equipment can communicate with as there are so many. Please enquire about any faults of problems that you have with your vehicle to see how we can help.



This is a dealer level tool for all Porsche vehicles up to and including present day, whether it’s fault finding live data, ECU programming and upgrades. Please see our German vehicle section for just how much this amazing machine can do.


Again this is the dealer tool for all BMW and BMW Mini models up to present day, carrying out advanced diagnostics and extensive software upgrades and performance tunes, please see our German vehicle section for full coverage of systems.


Essential for today’s modern vehicle, including car and van, petrol and diesel. We can communicate with the specific control unit either static or in road test format to give us a vast amount of information to help get to the bottom of many problems, be it an Alfa Romeo instrument malfunction, Jaguar engine misfire or Mercedes gearbox problem.


This advanced piece of equipment is essential for looking at electronic waveform patterns, giving us a live data for the specific component being tested, allowing us to see any voltage drops that occur momentarily or intermittent faults.


We are able to use bore scope to look inside engines and other hard to see areas, this comes in very handy if a cam belt has failed and we want to see if any damage has occurred.


We have invested in the latest common rail diesel diagnostic tools, which is used to pinpoint a leaking injector, poor pump performance and even fuel shut of valve failure. This tool is essential for diagnosing why the vehicle won’t start or run properly and pinpoint what component is causing the problem.


A great universal manufacturer tool covering many European and Japanese makes and models with or without OBD diagnostics, superb on the older vehicle and its modern equivalent it can cover systems such as engine, abs, airbag, gearbox and much more.


This is essentially the VW Audi, Seat Skoda dealer level tool covering all models it gives us very detailed information and allows us to carry out more advanced diagnostics such as component coding and adaption. It will interrogate all modules fitted to each vehicle giving us a very versatile dealer level of diagnostics.


We use this tool to give the vehicles electrical system a constant supply of voltage whilst we are diagnosing or programming. This is essential so that the information does not get corrupted and the modules don’t get spiked.


Modern vehicle engine control modules are fitted with a generic base map. This is designed with running the vehicle at a safe level without overstressing its engine. Auto logic has worked extensively with the vehicle manufacturers to come up with a performance tune package for BMW and mini up to 2007 model years at present. Using a reflash we can remap your vehicle to give better mpg and performance all within the safe area of tune that it can handle.

All BMW and Mini remaps £450 + VAT

We can also carry out software updates for all BMW and Mini models on either engine or gearbox control units. This is a superb way of getting better drivability and performance from your vehicle on a budget or ironing out those common software glitches.

All BMW and Mini software updates £80 + VAT
For Porsche remapping and software upgrades please call or enquire.
Please call for all other make remapping prices.