Air Conditioning


Many people think that they can top up their A.C for what appears to be a good price advertised, only to be let down when the heater blower is not performing well or when the A.C stops working after two weeks.

Here at Whiteley Autos when you have your Air conditioning Serviced you get just that. We will Vacuum out your Air conditioning and refill with the correct amount of gas for your vehicle. We will not skimp by filling your system with enough gas to get the A.C pump to cut in which would lead to the system not being as cold as it should be. We will fill the A.C system with the correct amount of gas for your vehicle and with dye to ensure that if there is a leak we catch it early and save you time and money.

We will check your Air conditioning with a digital thermometer to make sure that the system is cold enough and also check that your pump pressures are ok. On top of this we will change your pollen filter to ensure that the systems blowing the correct amount of unpolluted air in to the cabin.

Air Conditioning Service: £79.95 + VAT
Without pollen filter change: £69.95 + VAT.

Air conditioning Antibacterial Treatment
A lot of air conditioning systems develop a stale and stagnant smell after a period of time, due to this we have invested in a clever piece of equipment which carries out an anti-bacterial treatment on your vehicles A.C. system, leaving it smelling clean and fresh, removing any nasty bacterial.

Anti-bacterial Treatment £59.95 + vat.
Antibacterial treatment and ac service £120.00 + vat.